s u k i
Know the rhythms of the intervals:
The concept of suki, the gap in activity,
or consciousness, that one can take advantage of.

When the opponent tenses, or slackens;
if his eyes blink or if he takes a breath,
these are suki.

That does it. I'm changing my name.

m i c h a e l

Your name of Michael gives you a clever, logical mind, and you could do almost anything you put your mind to. Because of your ability to analyze a situation or problem quickly, you could develop a superior air towards those who are slower in their thinking. You have always taken your responsibilities seriously and can be depended upon to do a good job. You are very independent and like to make your own decisions without interference from others. You have the ability to provide quick sound answers to the problems of others. This trait coupled with your desire to help could sometimes cause you to be thought of as interfering. You are very self-confident and not inclined to lose your head in a crisis. You are prone to take life too seriously and a weakness of this name is excessive worry over problems and responsibilities.

I'm not sure. . .

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