the noodles... you know... the noodles!


The Noodles are a trio of sonic collagists improvising with acoustic, electronic, sampled and concrete sound. They are emerging from the culture jamming tradition of media ecology into the big, bright light of sweet, narcotic noise.

Like true experimentalists their performances vary in shape and scale from brief pieces transmitted to strategically placed transistor radios to five-hour sleep sets, but their peculiar brand of distorted samples and heartbreaking ambient beds lie at the center. Much of their work is event-specific, built on sonic capture of audience, performers, and environment. They bring to bear countless hours of diverse research and field recordings to create fixed pieces that contemplate a variety of subjects: 100 Days of Jerry Brown, English Lessons on Chinese Radio, and Tell Me What To Do, a meditation on instructional audio presented by the San Francisco Tape Music Festival in 2004.



The Noodles keep thinking that recombinant audio is a moribund art form, at its very best simply amoral and at its very worst sound and fury
signifying nothing.

But the Noodles can't afford the gear that would take it to the next level: multi-channel theatrical sound sculptures. You know. Like Queen used to do.

But days go by and the Noodles find themselves making and remaking and übermaking more sound.

Frankly, what else can the Noodles do?

The Noodles are born to this.