# Date Performer(s) Venue City
1 1-Jan Neung Phak (Mono Pause), CRACK: W.A.R., Murder Murder, Dan Friel, and the bran (…) pos Heco's Palace Oakland
2 3-Jan Philip Gelb (solo shakuhachi) Meridian Gallery San Francisco
3 9-Jan Shi-Tones Beach Chalet San Francisco
4 10-Jan SoundShift w/Plonsey/Robair/Boster, Djill/Tomita, Looney/Paterson/Slusser & 17 others 21 Grand Oakland
5 11-Jan Bill Frisell's 858 Quartet Wattis Theater, SF MOMA San Francisco
6 17-Jan The Mermen and the Aquavelvets Sweetwater Mill Valley CA
7 20-Jan Nels Cline Singers Yoshi's Oakland
8 21-Jan McCoy Tyner with Bobby Hutcherson, Cecil McBee and Jack DeJohnette Yoshi's Oakland
9 23-Jan Jesse Quattro/Ernesto Diaz-Infante duo and Tom Scandura/Ernesto Diaz-Infante duo Luggage Store Gallery San Francisco
10 28-Jan McCoy Tyner with Christian McBride and Lewis Nash Yoshi's Oakland
11 30-Jan The Overdub Club (Lucio Menegon, Mark DeGli Antoni, Thad Povey and Al Alvarez) Odeon Bar San Francisco
12 31-Jan Zmrzlina and The Ebb & Flow Hemlock Tavern San Francisco
13 2-Feb Soft Pink Truth Amnesia San Francisco
14 6-Feb Schloss, Spezza Rotto and Vacuum Tree Head Oakland Metro Oakland
15 7-Feb Sara Schoenbeck and Ellen Burr Meridian Gallery San Francisco
16 8-Feb Rova Saxophone Quartet and Friends Yerba Buena Center Forum San Francisco
17 9-Feb Pamela Z, Aurora Josephson, Joseph Zitt, Tom Bickley, Ron Heglin and Dina Emerson Tuva Space Berkeley
18 12-Feb Smokey & Miho and Money Mark Great American Music Hall San Francisco
19 14-Feb The Dead and Robert Hunter Warfield Theater San Francisco
20 17-Feb Jack Wright, Tom Djll, Matthew Sperry, and Garth Powell Tuva Space Berkeley
21 20-Feb James Carter Trio with special guest David Murray Yoshi's Oakland
22 21-Feb moe. The Fillmore San Francisco
23 22-Feb moe. The Fillmore San Francisco
24 24-Feb Dave Douglas Septet (w/Seamus Blake, David Gilmore, Jamie Saft, Brad Jones, Dereck Phillips, & DJ Olive Yoshi's Oakland
25 25-Feb Scott Amendola Band, Carla Kihlstedt's Two Foot Yard, and Good For Cows Great American Music Hall San Francisco
26 26-Feb Trans Am, Minus The Bear, Tussle, and Replicator Great American Music Hall San Francisco
27 27-Feb Billy Cobham & The Art Of Five Yoshi's Oakland
28 28-Feb Tom Djll's Weapons Of Mass Dysfunction Oakland Metro Oakland
29 2-Mar Tortoise, The Swords Project, Crime In Choir, And Roots Of Orchis Bimbo's San Francisco
30 4-Mar eX-Girl, Paradise Island, and Subarachnoid Space Bottom of the Hill San Francisco
31 6-Mar Evelyn Glennie, Amy X. Neuburg, and Onyx String Quartet w/Gloria Chen Palace of Fine Arts San Francisco
32 7-Mar Thomas Dimuzio Meridian Gallery San Francisco
33 8-Mar Pere Ubu and The Swords Project Slim's San Francisco
34 9-Mar Carla Bozulich, Carla Kihlstedt's Two Foot Yard, and El Fay Bottom of the Hill San Francisco
35 11-Mar Normal (Fred Frith, Tadashi Usami, and Sudhu Tewari) Black Box Oakland
36 14-Mar The Sea And Cake and Califone The Fillmore San Francisco
37 17-Mar Sounds French w/Luc Ferrari, DJ Olive, and Will Winant Wheeler Auditorium , UCB Berkeley
38 19-Mar Charles Lloyd Quartet feturing Geri Allen Yoshi's Oakland
39 21-Mar She Mob, Ramona the Pest, and Ultralash Starry Plough Berkeley
40 22-Mar PornOrchestra, Stephen Ruiz, Ernesto Diaz-Infante, Triple D, and Slusser-Looney-Nyboer 21 Grand Oakland
41 23-Mar PornOrchestra, Mr. Meridies, Lance Grabmiller, the bran, Albee-Stamberger, J. Boehringer 21 Grand Oakland
42 24-Mar Joe Jackson Band and Mary Lee's Corvette The Fillmore San Francisco
43 27-Mar Charming Hostess Trio (Trilectric), 20 Minute Loop, Dawn McCarthy, and Jou Jou Oakland Metro Oakland
44 29-Mar Loretta Lynch and Yard Sale Ivy Room Albany
45 1-Apr Rock Lottery w/Moe! Staiano, Nils Frykdahl, Dren McDonald, Mike Pukish, et al. Black Box Oakland
46 4-Apr John Shiurba with Matt Ingalls and Gino Robair Meridian Gallery San Francisco
47 8-Apr David Slusser Quartet feat. Marco Eneidi, Moe!MoMoKo, and This Naked Mother Fucker Black Box Oakland
48 9-Apr Gino Robair, Tom Djll, and Tim Perkis 21 Grand Oakland
49 10-Apr Nobukazu Takemura (w/John Herndon & Matt Lux), Blevin Blectum, & The Small Hours Bottom of the Hill San Francisco
50 12-Apr Steve Kimock Band and Soulive The Fillmore San Francisco
51 16-Apr Gianni Gebbia, Fred Frith, Matthew Goodheart and Garth Powell CNMAT Berkeley
52 19-Apr Punk Rock Orchestra and Find Him And Kill Him 924 Gilman St. Berkeley
53 22-Apr Rova Saxophone Quartet and People In Motion (G. Gebbia, D. Smith, G. Powell) Black Box Oakland
54 25-Apr Dirty Three and Cat Power Great American Music Hall San Francisco
55 29-Apr Henry Kaiser, Danielle DeGruttola, and Shoko Hikage Black Box Oakland
56 3-May Die Like A Dog Trio with Peter Brotzmann, William Parker and Hamid Drake Tonic New York
57 13-May Eugene Chadbourne & Tim Perkis, The Abstractions w/Lisle Ellis & Harris Eisenstadt's Nu 21 Grand Oakland
58 15-May Ralph Carney & Finger Puppet Bottom of the Hill San Francisco
59 16-May Lesser, Wobbly, and ChrisForsyth - Ernesto Diaz-Infante duo Hemlock Tavern San Francisco
60 18-May Gordon Beeferman & Jeff Arnal, Wolfgang Fuchs trio w/Emerg. String Quartet & Shinola Musicians Union Hall San Francisco
61 21-May Otomo Yoshihide, Wobbly (Jon Leidecker), tehn (Brian Crabtree), pre and Naut Humon Recombinant Labs Compound San Francisco
62 24-May Deerhoof Liminal Gallery Oakland
63 27-May Tarentel, The Curtains, Azalia Snail, and Astral Café Du Nord San Francisco
64 28-May Flaming Lips, Liz Phair, and Starlight Mints Warfield Theater San Francisco
65 30-May Jim Hall and Charlie Haden Yerba Buena Center Theatre San Francisco
66 30-May Nels Cline Singers w/Jeff Parker, Amendola/JHNO duo, Nerve Wheel, and Maogojita Edinburgh Castle San Francisco
67 31-May Big Sur Experimental Music Festival: Sound/Shift Big Sur Henry Miller Library Big Sur
68 3-Jun Moe!kestra!, Out By Five, and Sharon Cheslow/Tim Perkis duo Black Box Oakland
69 5-Jun Dixieland Dykes + 3 Blue Room Gallery San Francisco
70 6-Jun David Kwan and Xopher Davidson Meridian Gallery San Francisco
71 7-Jun Steve Lacy, George Marsh, and David Wessel Hertz Hall, UC Berkeley Berkeley
72 10-Jun Adam Lane's Full Throttle Orchestra, Go-Go Fightmaster, and Dimuzio-Didkovsky duo Black Box Oakland
73 12-Jun PornOrchestra, Punk Rock Orchestra, Moe!kestra, Cinepimps, Five Day Miracle Tent Crusade, and Kattt Sammon & K. Atchley Parkway Theater Oakland
74 15-Jun John Shiurba 5x5 & 1x1 (solo) and Good For Cows The Jazz House Berkeley
75 19-Jun Matthew Sperry Memorial Concert 21 Grand Oakland
76 21-Jun Garden Of Memory Chapel of the Chimes Oakland
77 23-Jun Graham Connah Sextet and Eric Reed with Oliver Lake Yoshi's Oakland
78 24-Jun Le Tigre and Deerhoof Slim's San Francisco
79 1-Jul Vandermark 5 Café Du Nord San Francisco
80 2-Jul Rev.99 and Uncle (John Shiruba and Myles Boisen) 21 Grand Oakland
81 4-Jul Meridian Midsummer Music Festival 5 Meridian Gallery San Francisco
82 5-Jul Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Great American Music Hall San Francisco
83 9-Jul Phish Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View CA
84 14-Jul Nels Cline, Scott Amendola, and Todd Sickafoose Bacar San Francisco
85 16-Jul Jessica Lurie Ensemble, Crater, and Leslie Helpert Elbo Room San Francisco
86 19-Jul Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players and Anaphylactic Café Du Nord San Francisco
87 20-Jul Neil Young & Crazy Horse and Lucinda Williams Concord Pavilion Concord CA
88 24-Jul She Mob, Sugarbush, and The Brunos 21 Grand Oakland
89 27-Jul San Francisco Electronic Music Festival: New SF Tape Music Center SOMARTS San Francisco
90 1-Aug Camper Van Beethoven and Nero Slim's San Francisco
91 6-Aug William Hooker with Henry Kaiser, Marco Eneidi and Damon Smith Hemlock Tavern San Francisco
92 7-Aug Sight & Sound: PornO+C2rchestra 21 Grand Oakland
93 7-Aug Rev. Screaming Fingers and Joe Rut Starry Plough Berkeley
94 8-Aug Sight & Sound: Performative Cinema 21 Grand Oakland
95 10-Aug 3rd Annual Transbay BBQ Skronkathon The Jazz House Berkeley
96 12-Aug Vacuum Tree Head Kimo's San Francisco
97 14-Aug Tokyo Nammy with Shoko Hikage, Gino Robair and Gen Hosokawa Luggage Store Gallery San Francisco
98 17-Aug Radiolaria and John Ingle Construction 129 Marin Headlands
99 18-Aug Nels Cline Singers Bacar San Francisco
100 20-Aug Nels Cline Singers The Jazz House Berkeley
101 21-Aug Crater (w/Nels Cline) Bruno's San Francisco
102 22-Aug Whore, Ramona The Pest, and She Mob Starry Plough Berkeley
103 27-Aug John Scofield Band Yoshi's Oakland
104 28-Aug Múm and Animal Collective (duo) Bimbo's San Francisco
105 5-Sep Walter Kitundu and friends Meridian Gallery San Francisco
106 6-Sep David Lindley & El Rayo-X and Chocolate O'Brian The Fillmore San Francisco
107 11-Sep Jonathan Segel/Shoko Hikage duo and Oluyemi Thomas 509 Cultural Center San Francisco
108 13-Sep Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet, sfSoundGroup, and Zeek Sheck's Town's People Community Music Center San Francisco
109 14-Sep El Sob Solano Ave. at Kains. Ave. Albany CA
110 18-Sep Grandaddy, Super Furry Animals, and Earlimart The Fillmore San Francisco
111 19-Sep The Dead Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View CA
112 20-Sep Remember Shakti Zellerbach Hall Berkeley
113 21-Sep Natto Quartet and Shoko Hikage/Jonathan Segel duo The Jazz House Berkeley
114 22-Sep Mogwai and Isis The Fillmore San Francisco
115 23-Sep Radiohead and Supergrass Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View CA
116 24-Sep Deerhoof and Tennis Coats Bottom of the Hill San Francisco
117 25-Sep Phil Lesh & Friends Warfield Theater San Francisco
118 26-Sep Ween Greek Theater Berkeley
119 11-Oct Mumbo Gumbo Green Oaks Creek Farm Pescadero CA
120 16-Oct The Hat w/Chris Jonas, Molly Sturges, Dan Plonsey, Randy McKean, Tom Duff, et al. Berkeley Arts Festival HQ Berkeley
121 17-Oct Frank Gratkowski with the Wind Trio of Alphaville 21 Grand Oakland
122 21-Oct John Shiurba 5x5/R (w/Boisen, Connah, Guberman and Robair) Oakland Box Theater Oakland
123 26-Oct 17th Annual Bridge School Benefit Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View CA
124 27-Oct Gerry Hemingway Quartet (w/Ellery Eskelin, Herb Robertson, and Mark Helias) Yoshi's Oakland
125 28-Oct Normal (Fred Frith, Gunda Gottschalk and Sudhu Tewari) Oakland Box Theater Oakland
126 29-Oct The Tiger Lillies Bimbo's San Francisco
127 30-Oct Cecil Taylor (w/Dominique Duval, bass) Palace of Fine Arts Theater San Francisco
128 1-Nov Art Ensemble of Chicago Yoshi's Oakland
129 2-Nov FOGShoT Quintet (Frith, Oliveros, Gelb, Hikage, Tomita), Michael Evans, & Karen Stackpole 21 Grand Oakland
130 3-Nov Children On The Corner (electric Miles Davis alumni band) Yoshi's Oakland
131 4-Nov Michael Evans, Gino Robair & Moe Staiano (perc. trio) & Faun Fables with Brother Brian Oakland Box Theater Oakland
132 6-Nov Matmos Yerba Buena Center for the Arts San Francisco
133 7-Nov Bill Frisell & The Intercontinentals and Marc Ribot y Los Cubanos Postizos Calvin Simmons Theater Oakland
134 9-Nov A Mighty Wind with Mitch & Mickey, The Folksmen and The New Main Street Singers Warfield Theater San Francisco
135 10-Nov Conference Call (Gebhard Ullman, Michael Jefry Stevens, Joe Fonda, Gerry Hemingway) Yoshi's Oakland
136 11-Nov Carla Bozulich's Red Headed Stranger, Noe Veneble, and Nels Cline-Christopher Garcia duo Great American Music Hall San Francisco
137 16-Nov Triaxium West: Anthony Braxton duos and trios The Jazz House Berkeley
138 17-Nov Robyn Hitchcock and TijuanaStripClub Great American Music Hall San Francisco
139 18-Nov David Lindley & Wally Ingram and D'Gary Great American Music Hall San Francisco
140 19-Nov Rocket From The Tombs and Comets On Fire Bottom of the Hill San Francisco
141 20-Nov Neung Phak (Mono Pause) and Crack W.A.R. Bottom of the Hill San Francisco
142 21-Nov Drums & Tuba and Shadowboxing Finger Puppet Elbo Room San Francisco
143 4-Dec Crater (w/Nels Cline) Bruno's San Francisco
144 5-Dec Vinny Golia Meridian Gallery San Francisco
145 6-Dec Wet Gate, Luis Recoder, and Kent Long Artists Television Access San Francisco
146 7-Dec Tarantel, Explosions In The Sky, and Lazarus Bottom of the Hill San Francisco
147 14-Dec Anthony Braxton Tentet (+2) Victoria Theatre San Francisco
148 15-Dec Arthur Blythe Quartet w/Bob Stewart, Gus Tsilis, and Eddie Marshall Yoshi's Oakland
149 27-Dec T.J. Kirk Great American Music Hall San Francisco
150 30-Dec The Dead Oakland Arena Oakland