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This year I selected my favorite shows based more than anything else on gut feelings. These were the shows where I walked out thinking, now that was a very good show. Many others had their moments, but for one reason or another were not satisfying overall (performance, acoustics, venue, audience, etc.) The list is presented in chronological order, because I could think of no way to rank them individually.

I was able to keep my New Year's resolution of going out to fewer shows in 1999 -- only 116 last year! That's a 12 percent reduction. I am well on the way to getting this habit under control.

On to 2000!


all arrived at through civilized discussion
[z]: Is it your turn to pay for the round?
[oka]: Wait. I'm not finished talking
much less drinking.

shim As you can tell from the illustration, [ z ] is not mentioning to me that he can't decide how to rank his ten shows, and is going to beg the question by listing them chronologically. Shirker!

When I offered him the master list of shows and asked him to make his picks, but he wouldn't even look at the paper because he could tell I had made marks on it already. Marks that might influence him, he added. That's wine, I said, but he retreated to ponder a clean, unmolested copy of the list.

In reality, I agree with all his picks save for that painful Phil Lesh thing. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

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